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Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings

Diamond rings are a style statement for any function, and are the most sought-after items for weddings and engagements. Presenting a diamond is the obvious way to begin a new journey with one's soulmate! These rings represent a formal agreement in a relationship, a step towards commitment. Brides and grooms today select similar pieces in terms of design and metals. Be it an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, a diamond best represents any occasion.

Shopping for diamond http://www.worldjewels.com/engagement-rings.html rings can be a whole lot of fun, considering the kind of innovative designs that are available today. Guys in particular, look for the perfect piece to elicit that eagerly-awaited 'yes' from the woman they are out to woo! However, there are many things guys and girls need to be aware about before picking the perfect ring for their partner. Take a look at these tips and pointers to help you select the perfect ring, in terms of design, clarity, and cut!

Points to Consider While Buying a Diamond Ring

Begin with the right jeweler. Look for a reputed branded outlet or trusted jeweler in your area. If you are new to the area, you can even look for a list of jewelers online. Talk with the locals to get to know favorable experiences with any particular outlet. Always stick to places that give a certificate and guarantee of the jewelry item.

The jewelry you purchase should have a certified diamond. It is obligatory like it for the jeweler to give you a certificate of guarantee with the purchase. You must also ensure that the certificate contains all the details of the item and the diamond in particular. Certified jewelry gives one the assurance about its authenticity. Lab-created diamonds are also used in jewelry. Therefore, you need to know not all diamonds used would be in the purest form.

The value of a diamond is based on the color, cut, clarity, and the carat. A colorless diamond is considered to be the most valuable. The cut also matters a lot, as it is directly connected to the price. The cut also dictates the way a diamond appears and sparkles. This depends upon the amount of light that is reflected. There should also be no traces of inclusion, such as leftover carbon, in the diamond. A perfect diamond is one that has no such inclusions. This dictates the clarity. And lastly, the weight also reflects upon the price of the diamond.

Think about the kind of metal that will best suit the diamond. Does your fiancee prefer gold or platinum? This will help you to narrow down the choices of the ring you are planning to buy. You can also decide whether you want a contemporary design or something that has an antique look. If you take a look in any store, you are bound to be stunned with the variety of beautiful diamond rings. To avoid feeling dazed, use personal preferences to help you to narrow down the choice.

A proportionate design will only help to enhance the beauty of the hand. There are many shapes you can choose fromround, to pear-shaped, square, or even hearts! For a woman or man with short fingers, one can choose oval-shaped diamonds. Bold designs suit women with long fingers.

These tips will surely help you to pick the perfect diamond ring for any occasion. The sparkle and the dazzle of the diamond make this a timeless piece to own.

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How Engagement Counseling Can Affair-Proof Your Marriage


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My clients call me with a variety of anxiety-based questions (many of which Ive discussed in previous articles): Does my anxiety mean that I dont love my fianc enough? How do I know that Im making the right decision? Is there someone out there whos better for me? Does the fact that Im not excited about planning my wedding mean that Im making a mistake? Embedded in all of these questions is another question, the one that theyre trying to articulate and hoping Ill be able to answer: Will my marriage last?

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Eight Reasons to Avoid Halo Style Engagement Rings--and Five Finger Tips if Your Angel MUST Have One.

1. IT'S A TREND. TRENDS END. I hope I've made my point: this style, though it can be classic, has glutted the bridal market. Halo rings are likely to drop out of favor, sooner or later.

2. WEAR ISSUES. One reason the halo ring is popular is that it's got a major bling factor. All that glitter means...a lot of maintenance. Every http://www.americangreetings.com/ecards/wedding-and-engagement one of those little pave stones has teeny-tiny wispy prongs. Say there are fifty tiny diamonds in the ring: that's 200 prongs that can wear out. Re-tipping those little babies is an art: I've seen some mighty blobby re-tipping: it ruins the look of the ring.

Sooner or later, you are likely to LOSE a small diamond. Just google "I lost a tiny diamond from my halo engagement ring."

3. VALUE. You pay for all those little diamonds, and the labor to set them. The amount of value all those diamonds add to your ring is negligible. A halo ring can sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars, but when it comes time to engagement rings for women trade it in, there's not much to add to the value of your CENTER STONE.

4. IT'S CAMOUFLAGE. A schmaltzy chassis might a bad reason for you to buy that ring: it could be distracting you from a poor quality diamond.

5. IT'S CATCHY. Sweaters, hosiery, nylon jackets. Baby's delicate bottom. Halo rings, particularly those with exposed pave, are more likely to catch and scratch. That means you'll want to take the ring off...which makes it less enjoyable to own, and more vulnerable to theft or loss.

6. IT'S EVERYWHERE! Go to a jewelry store and ask to see halo rings: they're as common as dandelions in June. If you want something unusual, step it up. Do something different.

7. Halo rings, because they are so sparkly, often hide manufacturing or design flaws. Ironically, the simplest designs are often the most difficult to execute well: the eye picks up distortions much more easily when there's less distraction.

8. It may not look good on your hand. Seriously. Look at your entire body in a big mirror, not just down at your hand. Buying an expensive ring without seeing it in context is like buying jeans without looking at your bum!

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A Symbol of Love and Vows by Riky Sen

If you have already exchanged your engagement ring with your partner and now you are looking for a prefect wedding ring for your bride-to-be then keep in mind that it is the most important decision which you will make in your life. It is not just a ring but it is a symbol of your eternal love and it will reflect your commitment which you have made with your partner. And generally it is a tradition that groom will select the ring for the bride but today it is very common that the couples are going for shopping together and the future bride is selecting the ring for herself.

But there are few things which you must keep in your mind whether you are shopping alone or with your lady. You must make sure that the wedding ring which you are selecting for your lady must reflect your love and vows which you have made at the time of marriage in front of everyone and god. You must also make sure that it signifies the bond between you and your partner, who have come from different ethnicity, background and of course have different personalities and way of thinking.

And if you are looking for perfect ring then you must also make sure that the ring which have selected for your bride must fulfill all her requirements in terms of style, design and metal. You can find host of choices in wedding rings ranging from traditional to modern designs. You can also find classic designs in these rings. Hence it is very important to understand the liking and choice of your lady. And if you present a ring of your ladys choice then it is obvious that you will make her feel special and you can see a smile on her beautiful face. And remember it is very important to keep your lady happy from the beginning only.

Generally you will find that diamond wedding rings are very popular among the couples. But if you want to have something different for your bride-to-be then you can design your own ring. You can also engrave some personal messages on your ring as a reminder and expression of your lifetime commitment.

But no matter whether you are buying wedding rings that are already available in the market or you are designing your own ring it is good to allow your lady to select the ring for herself. This will help in you in your selection and you will be also satisfied that your lady will love the ring. Your lady will wear the ring everyday for her rest of the life. Hence you must make sure that you are selecting the best ring for her.

And today you can find that there are many online jewelry stores offering wide variety of rings for affordable prices and has made the selection much easier for you.

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Search Online For Affordable Engagement Rings

Right about now St. Valentines Day is terrifying not-so-single men who have no clue what to give their significant others. For the ones who are planning to propose to their partners, the hunt is one for affordable engagement rings. Most couples love to give and receive diamond engagement rings. Ever since De Beers launched their successful campaign into our collective global cultures, we have forgotten what our ancestors gave their affianced brides.

Diamond rings have become the essential symbol of an engagement. We watch out for celebrity engagement rings, pin it up on our virtual boards, looking for similar styles and designs. Even though the couple has decided to get married without all the hoop-la, very often peer pressure or both the families pressurize the man and woman to ahead and get engaged officially. This means that the couples go hunting for that perfect rock-too small and the man feels stingy, too big and everyone thinks the couples showing off.

Trying to shop for affordable engagement rings is both a joy and litmus test for a couples relationship. The girl, most likely has been dreaming of this day and ring on the THAT finger for most of her life. The guy is probably sweating since hes never done this before and doesnt want to be cheated by fakes. Research shows that couples shopping online tend to buy small bridal jewelry than men who shop alone. Men shopping alone for bridal jewelry tend to look for the technical stuff like color cut clarity and carat. They want more value for money, while unsurprisingly; a percentage of women will choose design over a stones quality.

A rule of thumb to follow while shopping for affordable engagement rings is to go for quality, and make sure you have a certificate to go with the diamond. This is to ensure that you dont get fakes masquerading as genuine high quality diamonds. If you really want to then go in for man-made or synthetic diamond engagement rings. Theyre much cheaper most people will not know the difference.

Man-made diamonds and gem-stones are cheaper and are available in an array of colors. With latest trends for candy-colored diamonds and gemstones, man-made synthetic diamond rings are a cheap and easy option. Stackable bridal jewelry is the latest trend as well, so keep in mind that your engagement ring has to match your wedding band. Most jewelry online stores offer matching bridal jewelry that can be worn together.

The importance of wearing stackable engagement and wedding bands isnt just about matching finger ring bling, but also comfort. Its a fair assumption that bridal jewelry will be worn constantly 24/7 throughout a womans married life. Look for popular styles and designs and ensure that the stone will be in a secure and durable setting that can rough it out in any condition, without falling off. Spending some thought on the quality of the stones, settings of the rings will be worthwhile as it expected to be an heirloom.

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