2 years ago

Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings

Diamond rings are a style statement for any function, and are the most sought-after items for weddings and engagements. Presenting a diamond is the obvious way to begin a new journey with one's soulmate! These rings represent a formal agreement in read more...

3 years ago

How Engagement Counseling Can Affair-Proof Your Marriage


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My clients call me with a variety of anxiety-based questions (many of which Ive discussed in previous articles): Does my anxiety mean that I dont love my fianc enough? How do I know t read more...

3 years ago

Eight Reasons to Avoid Halo Style Engagement Rings--and Five Finger Tips if Your Angel MUST Have One.

1. IT'S A TREND. TRENDS END. I hope I've made my point: this style, though it can be classic, has glutted the bridal market. Halo rings are likely to drop out of favor, sooner or later.

2. WEAR ISSUES. One reason the halo ring is popular is read more...

3 years ago

A Symbol of Love and Vows by Riky Sen

If you have already exchanged your engagement ring with your partner and now you are looking for a prefect wedding ring for your bride-to-be then keep in mind that it is the most important decision which you will make in your life. It is not just read more...

3 years ago

Search Online For Affordable Engagement Rings

Right about now St. Valentines Day is terrifying not-so-single men who have no clue what to give their significant others. For the ones who are planning to propose to their partners, the hunt is one for affordable engagement rings. Most couples lo read more...